Writing Prompt: OCD Lunch


If you’ve seen the movie As Good As it Gets with Jack Nicholson, then you already have an idea of what this prompt is about, but of course, I’m going to give you a few angles you can take with this.

Either use this prompt to describe yourself–a dialogue with yourself about how irrational you are or how you think your behavior is perfectly normal.

Or, you can simply use it to describe your actions. It could be serious or humorous.


Or use these questions to dig a bit deeper:

  • Have you been skipping your meds?
  • Has something else set you off and you lose control over lunch?
  • Who are you?
  • Is there significant meaning about the lunch special on this particular day? Or does getting out of your routine throw you off that bad?

Or, you can write about another customer you’re observing in a restaurant. Write about his weird quirks.

You can also answer the above questions about the person you’re watching—has he been skipping his meds? Who is he/she?

Example: Yesterday, I decided to try the new place down on Fifth Street. It’s a rather charming place, kind of open, not all crowded together and plenty of natural light during lunch. I noticed a man sitting several tables away from me. He seemed agitated and fidgeting with his silverware, trying to place it just so-so on his table. When the waitress brought his plate and sat it in front of him, he insisted she turn it around a certain way. She did so without question and walked away. The man looked at his plate for a long time, and then started arranging his silverware again. When he finally picked up his fork to begin eating, he had to meticulously arrange the food on the plate so it wasn’t touching. I’ve seen people like this before, but he was much more OCD about it.

Feel free to finish where I left off or start a whole new story of your own.

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Happy Writing!


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