Writing Prompt: Missing or Abducted

You can title this Missing, Abducted or whatever you like.

A teenager goes missing on the way home from school. He turns up six months later with very little memory of the past six months.

He starts to remember he/she was kidnapped by the some covert organization and experimented on. Brainwashing techniques or something like that. No one believes him.

He is put in a mental hospital by the family doctor and breaks out to hunt down the people who kidnapped him/her.

  • What kind of memories does he have about the abduction?
  • Does his family believe him or do they think he just ran away?
  • What kinds of things were done to him/her?
  • Is this a sinister group of elites, a cult, the government or scientists?
  • What part does the family doctor play in the whole thing?


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