Story Planning Workbook Print Version Preview

Hey Writer!

The print version of the Story Brainstorming & Planning Print Workbook is now ready to go. I received my copy and wanted to share some pictures with you. My apologies, these are not professional images and the lighting isn’t great. But, if you’re like me, you like seeing the real deal and not a bunch of “pro shots”.

Please note, these are in no particular order and the images are large.

P.S. Maybe I should have done my nails first? Oh well, this is real life folks, I don’t always keep my nails in pristine shape. ; )











If you like what you’ve seen, you can get the link at the Workbooks page on this site.

UPDATE: The spiral version is now available or you can grab the pdf version and print the sheets as you need and add to a 3-ring binder.



You can find where to purchase on the Workbooks page of this site.



Have you grabbed the sample brainstorming kit yet?

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  1. This looks great! I’ve historically done most of my outlining on my computer, but sometimes I feel like that puts my brain in a box, so I’ve switched to longhand. This looks like a great template to get started with!

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