Story Idea Brain Dumping

How you do your own brain dumping for story ideas is completely up to you. The images below are two ways you can do it, and they are to give you a visual of the printout of the brain-dumping page in the workbook.

Please note: There is a square box on the page. I’m practically out of ink, so it either didn’t print the grey box well…or the grey box is too faint to begin with. In the perfect bound print at Amazon it’s fine. In the spiral bound print at Lulu, it’s fine. So, it could be a case of printing the pdf version on my little cheapie printer or the fact that I’m low on black ink. (I do see a new printer in my future and better lighting.)

Also, excuse my handwriting. This is a brain dump, it’s not a showcase of penmanship. It’s about scrawling ideas out. 🙂

And these are not professional quality images—this is real life. I have bad lighting and a cheap printer. LOL




With bad lighting and a not so great print job, you still get an idea of how the printed page looks and some ideas on how to use it.

You can find links to all versions on the Workbook page.

Happy Writing!





Have you grabbed the sample brainstorming kit yet?

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose brainstorming looks like chaos … chaos to the untrained eye, of course 😛

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