4 Quick Tips for Getting Started with Your New Morning Writing Routine

Gus and his morning cuddles.

Have you been mulling the idea of creating or reinventing your morning routine to get more writing done? I personally have to write first thing in the morning. If I check email or social media before I start writing—the writing doesn’t get done, because I’ve let the outside world clutter my brain from the story world. Of course, writing first thing in the morning only happens after Gus, the kitty, has had his morning cuddle time.

The idea of having a morning routine can be intriguing, with so many influencers counting the benefits of waking up early and creating a routine that eases you into your day. Although, morning routines can be daunting with things such as: earlier alarms, countless rules, and guidelines about what you should and shouldn’t do, and all that leads to more stress. Keep reading for four quick tips that will help put the do’s and don’ts into focus.

Don’t Be Rigid

Part of finding a new morning routine is finding what works for you. It’s a good idea to learn about the morning routines of others, but you can play around with your routine and schedule until you find what works best for you. Morning routines are not one size fits all. There will also be mornings where you need to adjust your routine, and that is fine as well. Remember to honor your own needs.

Stick with It

Motivation may be what gets you started, but healthy habits will keep you on your routine. Make sure you are waking up the same time every morning and sticking to your routine. The longer you stick with it, the more your new routine will feel natural, and it will be something you just do.

Own Your Technology

I almost cringe at this part because I’m not a techy gadget gal. Yes, I have a smart phone—it’s for playing Words with Friends. LOL. But, technology and devices are a big part of our lives; we use it daily. Many people will tell you not to look at your phone first thing in the morning; however, more than likely your phone is your alarm, and you’re checking the weather before you roll out of bed. Find your own boundaries with technology, and feel free to move those boundaries as needed. You should also be honest with yourself and your use of technology, not only first thing in the morning but throughout the day. And hey, there are apps for that. 😉

Prep Work

Waking up in the morning with a plan in place and being able to navigate it is a result of prep work most of the time. Take a few minutes, or thirty, every night to decide what you will be wearing, prep meals, or even get your morning necessities in the right spot. If you want to read a book first thing, make sure your book and blanket are waiting on the couch for you. You can also set out your favorite tea or coffee cup. Also make sure that you have some idea of the scene you’ll be working on the next day. It can stew while you sleep and usually makes the writing much easier, although not always…but it can help.

Morning routines can be challenging to adjust to. They can also be a great start to your day. Just remember to give yourself time to adapt and to find your own rhythm. A huge part of the daily writing routine and becoming a productive writer is about finding the rhythm that works for you.

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