The Power of Creativity


Tapping into Your Creativity

When you think of creativity, what comes to mind? You might be surprised to know that creativity isn’t only about creating masterpieces, writing books, or inventing the next big thing. Instead, creativity is about finding new ways of approaching situations or solving problems. Creativity is a useful skill for everyone in every walk of life.

We are all creative beings in some way or another even if we don’t consider ourselves so. Society defines a creative person as one with artistic expertise. But that is not the real meaning of creativity.

Creativity basically, is the ability to think of new solutions, new ways of doing things or using what you have in a different way. It’s about transforming your ideas, imagination and dreams into reality. And it’s about seeing hidden patterns, making connections between unrelated things and coming up with new ideas.

In his book, “Creativity: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention,” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, gives the definition of creativity as, “Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives … most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity… [and] when we are involved in it, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life.”

Everyone can tap into their creativity, even when they believe they can’t. It’s about changing the way you think about problems in terms of a different solution than what is normal. As Steve Jobs has said, “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

How do you tap into your creativity and how will it help you succeed and live a fulfilled life? There are many ways to do this even if you think you can’t or feel like your creativity is buried deep. The solution can be as simple as stepping away from the problem for a few minutes, hours, or days, depending on what you need.

Throughout this guide you will learn why creativity is powerful and how to tap into your hidden creativity. Then you’ll learn how to use it in different aspects of your personal life and career for more fulfillment and success. Let’s get started.


Power of Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.”  – Maya Angelou”

Why do you need to tap into your creativity? Creativity is powerful for many reasons. It’s not an exaggeration to say that creativity is possibly one of the most important attributes you can have and tap into. In fact, creativity may help you live longer. But aside from that, there are several ways creativity is a powerful influence in your life.

  1. Creativity improves your outlook. People who do some type of creative activity every day share the same personality traits as people we think as genuinely creative like artists, musicians or designers.The activity might include finding new ways to work, solving crossword puzzles or cooking meals. These traits include:
    1. Curiosity
    2. Drive
    3. Open-mindedness
    4. Persistence
    5. Positivity


  1. We find new and exciting opportunities. Creativity increases your opportunities. You will notice more opportunities in your life when you’re creative because you’ve learned how to find a way to turn obstacles into opportunities from another angle. You’re more likely to see the opportunity since you have an open mind. Even small creative projects open us up to new possibilities that we never know will lead us.
  2. Creativity allows you to have the freedom to mess up. Have you ever watched an artist work? They’re constantly changing things until they get the look they desire. Most creative people work this way. They keep trying and adjusting until they have the aha moment they desire. Tapping into your creativity means not being afraid to try new things in different ways without worrying about messing up.
  3. Creativity keeps you engaged in life. It pushes you to keep learning and interacting. This helps you maintain your mental well-being, keeping your mind strong and healthy.
  4. Creativity is a stress reducer. Engaging in creative pursuits is similar to mediation. It doesn’t matter if you lose yourself in some type of activity like writing, baking, listening to music or creating a new procedure in your business, the process is what helps you decompress.
  5. Creativity improves vital skills for success. Engaging in creative exercises builds your problem-solving skills and your confidence. You are more open-minded and have more patience with others when you tap into your creativity. This makes you more willing to accept ideas and scenarios that aren’t typical, making you a better thinker and more prepared to take on challenges.
  6. Depression is lifted through creative endeavors. When you do the things you enjoy, self-judgment is pushed aside. Those thoughts of not enough, or that we’re bad or don’t matter no longer show up. Instead we do it just because we enjoy creating.
  7. Our intuition is heightened through creativity. When you feel stuck, listen to your intuition or your instincts to find solutions and clarity.
  8. Creativity lets you get out of your own way. When you focus on the act of doing something rather than worrying you feel lighter, happier and your thoughts are freer to come up with creative solutions or new perspectives.

The power of creativity helps you become successful in many areas of your life. Aside from helping you tap into personal resources; it helps you build confidence in yourself.

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